Mikey Galo
Mikey Galo mi-key ga-lo (he/him/his)
Inasmuch Foundation Fellow

Mikey Galo is a graduate journalism student at Arizona State University. An aspiring investigative journalist, he hopes to turn his interests in writing and research into meaningful and impactful stories that serve the public.

Police de-escalation training downsizes use of force

INDIANAPOLIS – As departments across the country implement de-escalation techniques into their training curriculums, researchers cite it as one of the most sought-after types of police reform. But activists say more must be done.

Paul Goodrich, a recruit with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, addresses field training officer Andrew Lamle during an exercise called Unknown Traffic Stop on Friday, July 8, 2022, while field training officer Joseph Dransfield looks on. It simulates real-life scenarios officers often encounter in the field. (Photo by Mikey Galo/News21)