Kyra O'Connor
Kyra O’Connor kir-uh oh-koner (she/her/hers)

Kyra O’Connor is a senior at Elon University, where she studies journalism and creative writing. The Ohio native is executive director of the student-run Elon News Network and has worked as an editorial intern for Raleigh Magazine in North Carolina and a freelance contributor for Ms. Magazine.

Policymakers, activists and nonprofits lead way to bring more transparency to police departments

ARLINGTON, Texas – The call to increase transparency has become a standard rallying cry in police reform, but efforts have met with resistance. Some states, cities and police departments have made progress to open records. And sometimes, outside forces have stepped in when they don’t.

The future of traffic enforcement? Officers text you the ticket

SAN ANTONIO – Former San Antonio police officer Val Garcia started Trusted Driver, which allows motorists to opt in to receiving text warnings or citations of minor traffic violations. The program also can eliminate miscommunications between driver and officer, which can turn deadly.

Journalist fights to open police misconduct records in Chicago

CHICAGO – Journalist Jamie Kalven fought to open Chicago police records and won. The public now can search the Citizens Police Data Project for thousands of misconduct allegations, but there are some shortcomings.

Chicago police sergeant launches sports program to build ‘humanity’

CHICAGO – Chicago Community Policing Sgt. Jermaine Harris started Chicago Westside Sports with one goal: collaboration. In the organization's fourth season, police officers, faith leaders and children come together to play sports and learn from one another.

Austin artists launch ‘decruiting’ campaign against police

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas artists Andie Flores and Sam Lavigne launched a campaign to discourage new recruits from joining the Austin Police Department and persuade existing officers to quit. They call it the Austin Police Department Decruitment initiative.