Sarah Baum
Sarah Emily Baum sah-ruh eh-mih-lee ba͜um (they/them)

Sarah Emily Baum is a recent graduate of Hofstra University who studied journalism and public policy with a concentration in criminal justice reform. They are the founder of The Hofstra Clocktower, an independent student newsroom focusing on accountability and investigative reporting. They have worked with The New York Times, Teen Vogue, the BBC, New York Focus and the Associated Press.

‘Back the Blue’ laws protect police, expand qualified immunity from lawsuits

ALTOONA, Iowa – After the nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, states have enacted laws to protect police under hate crime law, cementing qualified immunity from lawsuits and, in Arizona, a limit on filming police that has drawn controversy.

Police Capt. Mike McKelvey walks to his police vehicle in Mason City, Iowa. He says he appreciates the state’s Back the Blue Act but thinks more attention should be paid to officer retention and salaries. (Photo by Sarah Emily Baum/News21)

Number of civilian oversight agencies rises

Civilian oversight agencies tout themselves as a way to improve police-community relations. We look at three different approaches – plus, what works and what doesn’t.

New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board is one of the most transparent and active oversight bodies in the country, according to the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Police. (Photo by Nina Howard/News21)

Police unions play multiple roles in reform efforts

MADISON, Wisc. – The power dynamic with some police unions has shifted – whether by choice or force. Some union leaders have tried to lead change, others have made concessions and some are fighting to maintain their power.