Chin Tung Tan
Chin Tung Tan chin tung dan (she/her)
Buffett Foundation Fellow

Chin Tung Tan graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has been a reporter for Nebraska News Service and an intern at Prairie Schooner. She worked at Jacht Agency as a copywriter intern this spring.

Police, public and policymakers work to improve responses to mental health crises

SALT LAKE CITY – Police have become the de facto mental health responders across the country, often with tragic results. Most strategies to deal with mental health calls focus on shifting funds to social services, creating diversion programs and better training for officers. Experts say the solution relies on a combination of efforts.

Rae Duckworth holds a “Justice for Bobby” sticker on July 2, 2022, near murals in Salt Lake City remembering the victims of police shootings. After her cousin, Bobby Duckworth, was killed during a mental health call in 2019, Duckworth began passing out these stickers to keep his memory alive. (Photo by Laura Bargfeld/News21)